Competitor Analysis Sample

    competitor analysis

  • Process of understanding and analysing a competitors strengths and weaknesses, with the aim that an  organisation will find a competitive positioning difference within the market.
  • Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context through which to identify opportunities and threats.
  • Review of internet marketing services offered by existing and new competitors and adoption by their customers.


  • A small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like
  • A specimen taken for scientific testing or analysis
  • sample distribution: items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population
  • A portion drawn from a population, the study of which is intended to lead to statistical estimates of the attributes of the whole population
  • a small part of something intended as representative of the whole
  • take a sample of; “Try these new crackers”; “Sample the regional dishes”

competitor analysis sample

competitor analysis sample – Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis
To sell in a competitive environment your sales strategy must include focusing the topics of conversation in areas where you are strong, the competitor is weak, and the customer has needs. This book helps you answer the questions, “What makes you different?” and “Why should I buy from you?”

The competitor analysis structure allows you to quickly identify areas where the prospect is most likely to have problems with current suppliers and it pre-alerts you to the objections you’ll get (spoken or not) when up against any specific competitor. When you know the objections, you can develop prevention, preemption and response strategies.

My objective is to help you learn to sell effectively against the competition. When you complete this brief ebook you will be able to:

• Differentiate three types of competitor analyses: Business, Marketing and Sales.
• Develop matrix listing competitors by competitive products/services.
• Develop a competitor analysis for your use.
• Identify and counter-balance potential objections
• Discover areas of potential customer problems that only you can solve and that are potential areas of dissatisfaction with the current supplier
• Differentiate “commodities” by things other than the commodity
• Define Unique Selling Points (USP) and Distinctive Selling Points (DSP).
• Determine the relationship between USP/DSPs and Features, Advantages and Benefits (F.A.B.s).

Competitors Analysis

Competitors Analysis
This is a marketing and sales promotion campaign that I created in for my Sales and Sales Promotions class. The product is Utica Club Beer. The point was to take a dormant brand and create a promotional strategy to revitalize the brand. The original design was accomplished by myself and one of my other team members helped to create some of the elements.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis
Yeah we know how to do it!

competitor analysis sample

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